4 Things Online Marketers Need for Successful Video Offers

The most successful online marketers use 4 things when they produce video offers. If you want to rank among these successful marketers, it is imperative that you implement these strategies into every video offer you put out there. By doing so you will be able to achieve the great results you are planning for.



What if you could turn your video into a viral piece of marketing?

Can you imagine how many hits you would be able to achieve by doing this?

While going viral isn’t the main objective most online marketers aim for, it is still a good way to gauge the level of success of every video offer you provide to your audiences.

As a marketer, you need to understand that video will account for close to 70% of all consumer traffic.

In fact, mobile video ads will grow 6 times faster than desktop while landing pages with video offers will attract 800% more conversion within the next few months.

Since this is more fact than fiction, you need to up you’re ‘video’ game, especially where your video marketing is concerned.


4 Things Online Marketers Need for Successful Video Offers


1. Tell a Story

Most online marketers make the mistake of tailoring their videos on selling instead of centering the video offer on a story.  As you probably know, there’s too much sales clutter all over the internet – clutter that is actively repelling and annoying anyone who might be interested in buying from you.

Instead, you should create video offers that are centered around your story. Further, the offers should concentrate on the value you intend to provide for your customers – not just on how you are looking forward to making a quick buck out of them.


You should also learn how to maximize on the emotive power that video wields. The best way to do this is by appealing to the hidden desires and needs that your intended consumers have.


Although you might be scared that this will cause you to lose leads, you shouldn’t be. In fact, you can always strategically add relevant calls to action at the end of the video as long as they fit in with the story you are telling.


2. Make It Captivating

Whether the video offer runs for 10 seconds or 50, you should strive to make it as impactful and as captivating as possible. Remember, viewers have a tendency to click away from any website with a video that is boring.


Therefore, you should always get to the point as soon as possible. You should also set expectations high and learn how to manage them in 10 seconds or less.


If possible, try and spark the viewer’s curiosity by using teasers and asking questions so that you hook their attention. Your video offer should also convey its true value immediately, while also answering the “why you need to watch this” question.


3. Tease, Humor, and Enlighten

While making video offers, ensure that it is light and interesting. The worst thing you can do is create something that is utterly boring – it will only drive away even the most loyal of your customers.


Today, most audiences are looking for a good laugh, or something that they will leave them feeling enlightened. Therefore, you should never take yourself too seriously while creating video offers and ads.


Be sure to add powerful, colorful attention grabbing content within the first 3-5 seconds of your video. This ‘teaser’ will captivate the viewer in continuing to watch the rest of your video.


4. Optimize It

Last but not least, you should ensure that your target audiences can easily find your video offers on search engines and social media. Apart from the SEO value the video has to offer, you can also draw in more people by tagging your videos and using them to attract inbound marketing links.


If possible, add a description and include all the relevant keywords. This way, even search engines will be able to find the content, understand what it contains, and index it accordingly.


So, there you go – the 4 things online marketers need for successful video offers. There’s more to these 4 points; so I welcome you to get in touch with us to find out how to implement each point in a strategic, informed, and most impactful way.



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