7 Simple Steps For Success In Life and Business

Whenever you are having one of those days where it seems no matter what you do things seem to be going in the wrong direction…that is a good sign that you are actually moving in the right direction!

I’m often reminded of my ups and downs and turn arounds when I reflect on where I was to where I am today.  Maybe you can relate?  There have been so many people that have helped me to achieve success in life and business.

Anthony Robbins is one of those that have had a huge impact on my success in life and business.  He is the most visible of all life coaches. This is because he uses his unique perspective on life fulfillment and success to help others find both. Through his self-help approach, he also focuses on assisting others to be intentional in their decision making as well as increase their awareness.

In his latest book, MONEY Master the Game – 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom, he applies his inspiring techniques to show you how you can achieve success in your life and business.

These 7 steps include:


#1 – Read

For starters, Anthony Robbins recommends you read on a daily basis. According to him, reading is a valuable habit that can help you achieve success both in your life and in your finances/business.

Of course, you shouldn’t just read anything. He recommends that you find something of value and substance, is nourishing, will teach you distinctions, and lead you to the success you are looking for.

Reading can help you focus on your goals while simultaneously building fiscal value, skills, and knowledge. This search is central to achieving a life of fulfillment as well as business success.


#2 – Embody Habits of Certainty

If you view uncertainty as one of the facts of your life, you need to change this opinion. This is because it might negatively affect both your life and your business. Instead, you should take certainty as a habit that you can creates success in your life and business and everything will start shifting in your favor.

You should also take advantage of the uncertainty in the general public by ensuring that it does not stop you from taking action. Even when you feel uncertain and take the actions that you know are right, you are more likely than not to achieve your goals.


#3 – Practice Healthy Money Habits

Third, you should ensure that your relationship with money is a healthy one. Instead of focusing on financial problems, therefore, you should create new healthy rituals to improve your financial standing.

This means you should have a financial plan, reduce your spending, and pay yourself first. If possible, invest in professional financial help and focus on the investments you are sure will provide you with sufficient growth.


#4 – Visualize

For you to succeed in life and business, you must practice the art of visualization. In particular, you should visualize all your goals – if only to help you stay focused on them. Envision a life of wealth and abundance in terms of economics, growth, impact, friendships, love, and more and they will come true.


#5 – Give Back

Giving back is a central principle that you must embody if you are to succeed. From helping people you love to being there for strangers, help can only come from people who are abundantly blessed. Therefore, you should always try to help others and give back to those who might be in need more than you are.


#6 – Ask Better Questions

According to Anthony Robbins, wealth and successful people tend to ask questions – not just any questions but better questions. This allows them to find the best answers. Some questions to ask include:

– How can I help people improve their lives?

– How can I make things a bit better?

– What difference I am making?

These questions, among others, will help you create the right strategies to provide the right answers. In the process, you will start making a real difference both in your life and in your business.

#7 – Choose the Right People and Partners

According to Anthony Robbins, when you choose the right people and partners, you can achieve more success and create higher value. This is particularly true for romantic relationships and in your business life.

The biggest mistakes you can make in business is picking the wrong partner, failing to understand what they need or want out of the situation, and deluding yourself and diverting your goals and plans in the process.

On the other hand, if you have the right people around you, it might have a positive impact both in your ability to live a better life and achieve greater success in your financial and business worlds.


Overall, the above steps can help you succeed in life and in business. As long as you follow the advice that Anthony Robbins provides, it shouldn’t be hard for you to start seeing a major shift in your levels of success. Get started today and enjoy the positive outcomes.