Cool 7 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog Using Social Media

You are looking to get more traffic to your blog right?  And if you can use social media that would make things pretty easy, right? 

I’m excited to share some of my favorite and cool ways to get traffic to your blog boost your business, using social media and it only costs your time and energy.  Plus using some of your creative ideas is going to be necessary as well.

So here they are…


7 Cool Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog Using Social Media


#1 – It’s A Party!


Everyone loves a party, right?!  

So here’s how you can create a party for your blog.  From your blog and using your social media sites, produce a blog post about the party you are going to be throwing online.  Get people excited and build their curiosity.  Don’t give too much away, in fact, let them know there will be a special drawing or other activity that only people that show up to the party live will benefit from.

Send out invites about the live webcast, event or hangout.  Include attention grabbing titles that will pull in leads to your blog post where they can click the button to register or rsvp for your online party.

Remind them on the capture page to click the link to learn more about the party and the special drawing they can register for.

Be creative by coming up with eye grabbing graphics and images for your capture pages, banners and headers to use for sending the virtual invites, tweets or posts.


#2 – Twitter’s Tweets


This social platform, Twitter, has become one of my most favorite social media sites. 


  • There are so many cool ways you can get traffic to your blog using Twitter, and the best thing is it’s free! 
  • Tweets are short message of 140 characters.  Using hashtags that relate to your specific audience interest or topic will pull in even more eye balls.
  • Always share your blog post on Twitter but here’s the key…don’t do it like everyone else! 


I started experimenting recently and found that when I share some verbiage from the blog post (not the title) along with an image and an appropriate hashtag, I’m getting more traffic to my blog!

For instance, take part of the sentence:

“Twitter has become one of my most favorite social media sites…how about you”.

Next, I will add a cool image and a link back to this blog post!

This is a different and unique way to tweet unlike what everyone else is doing which is using their blog’s title and link.


Give it a try and the best part is, you can ‘repurpose’ all your blog posts by doing this.  It adds interest to your Twitter timeline along with grabbing attention from your followers.

Warning: this will cause you to get many more Twitter followers!! LOL


#3 – Pin It with Pinterest


This may be the most under rated social site of all!


When I got the invite to get started with Pinterest I didn’t know what it was all about.  But today, it is such an easy way to share your blog images along with interesting dialog that will engage your followers and get them clicking that link right back to your blog!

Just be sure you are using high resolution, good quality images on Pinterest. 

That is the key to getting more eye balls and more traffic to your blog using this social media platform.  (Images should be 735 pixels wide x 735+ pixels long)

The description for the image doesn’t have to be the title of your blog post!  Change it up and swap it our to build curiosity, ask a question or other verbiage that will engage with your followers and get them to click on that link.



#4 – Post It on Facebook


There is a cool way to get more traffic from Facebook to your blog!


And the best part, it’s free!

But you have to be creative and don’t do what most people do….spam.  Because no one is interested in your business if you are just always out for the quick buck, to make a sale or to get someone to join your business.

Instead, be smart, be cool!


Get creative on what you are posting on your personal timeline or on your fan pages.  Nobody wants to be sold to and in most cases people will unfollow you, unfriend you or worse, never want to get to know you.

You want to build curiosity, provide valuable content that will help a specific audience, need or want.  Come up with a cool image, quote or even a video and share that with a link going back to a blog post that relates to the message you are sharing.

And with Facebook, and really anything that you do, use the 80/20 rule.

80 percent of the time share value, no links!

20 percent of the time share something about your business with a link.

But 100 percent of the time listen to your audience, learn from what they are saying, from their comments and questions.  That is key to what you can be blogging about and attracting more traffic.


#5 – YouTube Videos


Yes…get started making videos!


You will not only hear me say it but other highly successful online business owner or entrepreneur knows the power of video.

Even restaurant owners are making short interesting videos for their audience which drives traffic to their site and then visiting their restaurant.

As an online marketer your videos don’t have to be Hollywood professional.  In fact, the more you can be yourself and getting a message across is the most important part of creating the video.


And the MOST important part of getting from traffic to your blog from your YouTube videos is the title and the description area.  These two areas are crucial when it comes to attracting people first to watch the video and then to read the information you enter into the description area under your video.

Always lead with your link to your blog post, link to your video sales page or sometimes you can even send them to a capture page.  But don’t make a habit of sending them to a capture page as it could set off red flags on YouTube for shutting down your account.


Get creative with your videos and always know what specific thing you want to get across to people watching.  Add ‘watermarks’ to your video like your blog URL or even your name or logo.  This way, when people share your video on their blog of social sites, you are still being branded.


#6 – LinkedIn Posts


Here’s another under rated social business site that many online business owners and entrepreneurs are missing a huge opportunity on.

After LinkedIn released their new Published Posts feature, I’ve been able to ‘repurpose’ my blog posts, add some images and link back to my blog!

It really is that easy.

Especially since you are producing good quality content on your blog, let your blog work for you. 

Start by going over your Google Analytics to see which blog posts have been the most popular.  Next, revisit the blog and depending on the age of the blog post, you may want to do some updating of any outbound links for your online business.

Just be sure NOT to change the title or the permalink as that has already been indexed on the search engines.

Then find some new images that relate to the blog post, go over to LinkedIn’s published post and repurpose that blog post.

It can be an introduction type published post or you could re-write a whole piece of content as it relates to your blog post.  Then add the new images onto the LinkedIn published post and be sure you link those images back to your blog!

Give this a try as I think you will get more traffic to your blog and probably more connection requests on LinkedIn too!



#7 – All Other Social Media Sites!

There have been so many new social media platforms that have popped up over the past year that this blog post could turn into a novel!

Whether it’s Instagram, Periscope, SoundCloud, Google+, Tumblr, StumbleUpon which Tumblr and SU have been around for a long time now….any of these new and upcoming social media sites are just another avenue for you to share your content and get more traffic to your blog.

Use the same techniques that are mentioned in the other cool ways to get traffic to your blog.

Because when it comes to these social media sites, that is exactly what their intent and purpose is to be SOCIAL!

So if you are following the pack …STOP

Start creating your own unique way to building your online business.  People will recognize you for your unique ability to communicate and share information.  They will appreciate your integrity and respect for the internet and how we all can make it a much better place.


The key is to stay cool!

  • Be yourself.
  • Be authentic.
  • Be creative.
  • And have fun!

People will soon be attracted to you if you are just getting started in your online business.  And for those of you that may be stuck or looking to have even greater success, then start with changing up some things when it comes to getting traffic to your blog from the social media sites. 

Soon you will be enjoying the engagement and activity that will follow.


Hey…do me a favor…leave a comment below and let me know what your thoughts are about these cool ways to get traffic to your blog with social media.  I would appreciate it and you may add other value that will be helpful to others as well.


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