How to Add Value To Your Social Media Profiles

Consider the amount of time and energy most people spend browsing social media on a daily basis, it is shocking that few businesses, striving to increase sales and success, make the effort to actually improve and update their profiles.

As a solopreneur or small business owner you might be busy most of the time, you can still find a few minutes to make following improvements to your social profiles. Or consider hiring virtual assistance.  Read on to learn how you can easily and effortlessly add value to your social media profiles:


  1. Update Your Profile

Start by checking how up to date your profile is, and how often you publish content. A profile that lacks activity is likely to be overlooked. After all, even you wouldn’t follow a company that only sends out social media posts once or twice a month.

When you consider the fact that content tends to move pretty fast on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you should be able to see why it is so important for you to update your profiles every few days.

TO DO: Schedule your content using various social media management tools to avoid the stagnation on your profile. Scheduling will also ensure that you do not put out too much content. Of course, ensure you also interact and engage with your audience every few hours.

  1. Post Consistently

You might also want to commit your time and efforts to creating and sharing content on a regular basis. This means that you should create and curate high quality visual content that is relevant to your industry.

Consistency is essential when it comes to social media profiles. In particular, you should ensure that everything you send out matches with your tone, message, and general procedure.

TO DO: The more consistent you are with posting, the easier it will be for your profiles to show up on your target audiences’ screens.


  1. Share Quality Content

In the same way, it would be to your benefit if you were able to create high quality content to share on your social media profiles. Sharing your particular brand of knowledge with people who have taken the time to follow you on social media is a great way to increase visibility, raise authority, and build trust. Eventually, it will help you attract views, followers, shares, likes, comments, and – ultimately – conversions and sales.

TO DO: Take some time to post links on your blog, or even to explain knowledge in simpler terms. Alternatively, link to high quality introductory tutorials and articles. Educating your fans will show that you care about them. They will appreciate it and retaliate by sending more business your way.

  1. Attract With Videos

Visuals – particularly videos – go hand in hand with social media. In fact, video was rated as the best tactic for helping you optimize the content you post to your social media profiles.

What is more, using videos could be the missing link that could ensure you attract greater engagement on your profiles. Therefore, if you wish to make a resounding impact on social, you should focus on attracting people with your videos.

Some suggestions here include:

– Behind-the-scenes videos

– How to videos

– Quote videos

– Team videos

– Videos of customers

– Videos of events

All of these videos are similar in the sense that they will be made by you for your customers, prospects, and the other people in your target audience. Of course, to ensure that you are protected from piracy and content steal, you might want to brand custom graphics (with your company or website name and logo) so people can trace these videos back to you. After all, with the increasing activity on social media, it wouldn’t be too surprising if one of your videos went viral or was shared by influential authorities in the industry.

TO DO: If you can, post some funny videos every once in a while. Although it might not necessarily tie with your overall social media marketing strategy or send more traffic your way, it will still make your fans happy and they are highly likely to end up loving you all the more for it.



Overall, learning how to add value to your social media profiles is easier than you think. Although the first stages will take some doing, you will eventually get the hang of it and – after some time – emerge the winner in the long run.