How To Manage Time Living Laptop Lifestyle

Today’s technology has provided a great opportunity for anyone looking to build an online business, quit their regular job and start living the laptop lifestyle.

If you have managed to take advantage of this opportunity, then you probably already know the huge benefits of not having to get up before 8 a.m. and follow a ‘robot’ work schedule or faking illness to get out of working that day.

So in order to succeed building a business online, you need to learn how to manage your time while living the laptop lifestyle. This is the only way you are going to effectively start, build, and eventually grow your online business.


Here are some ways to ensure your time management always keeps you on track and boosts your productivity, for people living the laptop lifestyle:


Separate Your Office

When you start working online and living the laptop lifestyle, you will constantly find that it is difficult to make the mental switch between work and personal time. This switch is easy to find when you have an office – but not so when you work from home.

To address this problem and manage your time, consider separating the office in your home. When you get into this space, you will automatically switch over to work mode. The space will also enable your brain to clearly put up distinctions between personal and work hours.

I’ve also believed that your work area in your home should reflect your personality and have the proper furnishings to keep you motivated and inspired.  I have a ‘dream board’ on my wall, inspirational framed art and personalized images on my desk as positive reminders.



Alone Time 

One of the advantages of the laptop lifestyle is that you don’t have to deal with distractions from coworkers and bosses. To maximize on this advantage, you should take two approaches:

–Designate Work Hours

If you are not as disciplined as you were in your previous job, you should start by setting fixed hours for working your online business. You should also plan out your day so that you get to work when you feel most energetic and creative.  Usually I start each day working out in the morning and having quiet time for reading and meditation.

–Minimum Work Week

Dedicate a minimum amount of hours every week for working your online business. Set the minimum number of hours you wish to work. This way, you will easily be able to track and manage your time. 


Set Boundaries

You should also learn how to take responsibility for and enforce your boundaries if you are to remain productive and manage your time. The laptop lifestyle brings an increase in income – which might tempt you to slack off. No one will be supervising you, therefore the increased temptation to go slow or be easily distracted. 

To ensure this does not happen, you have to start saying ‘no’ to many things. By setting boundaries and saying no, you will have a better shot at success. Ultimately, you will come to learn that the better you enforce your boundaries, the more productive you will become.



Take Breaks 

Working the laptop lifestyle often requires that you stay at the same place and work in the same area day in, day out. This can quickly drive you crazy – especially if you are an extrovert. 

This is why you should take a couple of breaks in between each work session. Depending on how well you can concentrate, take a break after about each 90 minute work session.

During the break, go for a run or head over to the gym. You can also run errands, grab a quick lunch, and simply recoup and re-energize yourself. Just be sure to ensure that these breaks are not longer than your work session.  I’ll take some time and run over to the beach and during that time will shoot some videos for my online business.


So learning how to manage your time while living the laptop lifestyle will help you to maintain reaching your goals and achieving success.  I hope that these tips and strategies were helpful and can guide anyone that is starting out with their online business to lead a productive and motivated laptop lifestyle.  Leave your thoughts and comments below and share this with others.





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