Top 5 Reasons to Use Social Video Marketing To Get Results

Social video marketing is becoming more popular and essential – especially for businesses that wish to increase their online visibility, reach, and (ultimately) sales. Knowing how to use video consistently, especially if you wish to connect with your prospects and actual customers through social media, is key to getting results.

One of the important considerations you should make while creating and publishing these videos is how you can use data to make more informed decisions about the content to post and the channels to use.


Here are some reasons why you should start using social video marketing for business today:

1 – Attract Mobile Users

Today, mobile and video go hand in hand. In fact, 90% of consumers watch these videos on their phones or tablets. With advancements in the world of social video marketing, mobile video views have been growing by over 233%.

YouTube also reports that the consumption of its videos by mobile users tends to rise by 100 percent every year. Therefore, as people continue to love watching videos on their phones and on the go – as with the increase in the number of users with smartphones – it follows that your video audience is growing by the day.

TO DO: While engaging in social video marketing, you should be sensitive to your target audience’s personal experiences on smartphones. This means that you should, for instance, give your visitors better choices in terms of the video content you post on social.


2 – Improve ROI

To get a clearer picture of why social video marketing works, 83% of companies interviewed in a recent survey agreed that the videos provided better returns on investment than the other types of content they used.

Although producing high quality videos is difficult and sometimes expensive, it will ultimately pay off in the long run. Additionally, you can use video editing tools to make the process easier and more affordable for you and your marketing team.

TO DO: Re-edit any videos that may need stronger message to attract new viewers. At the end of the day, it is the content you post that will really matter – helping boost your ROI in the process.



3 – Boost Sales and Conversions

For starters, using social video marketing can earn you a serious income. Research shows that adding product videos to your landing pages, for instance, can help you increase your conversions by as much as 80% irrespective of the category you deploy it for.

Using videos can also enable you to attract more sales. Today, studies have shown that 74 percent of the users who watch explainer videos about products/services eventually buy it.

TO DO: Therefore, you might want to start creating exciting and useful videos to help you boost your sales and conversions through social media.  Make sure your call to action is enticing to get your viewer to take action.


4 – Raise Your Rank

Google, as well as the other popular search engines, loves video content. This is because videos can help you increase the amount of time most visitors spend on your social media profiles, websites and blogs.

This long exposure will build trust in you and your company and search engines will start realizing that your website has good quality content. In fact, you are 53 times more likely than another website to show up first on search results if you embed social videos to your site.

TO DO: To boost your ranking even further, ensure that you optimize every video you post on social media. Write interesting descriptions and titles, and add links that redirect visitors back to your services, products, and website. You can also use interactive videos to encourage your users to take certain actions.



5 – Build Trust

Sales and conversions have their foundation on trust. However, one of your business and marketing goals should be to build trust in the marketplace. This is because content marketing is largely based on trusting relationships in the long run. Therefore, you might want to consider using social video marketing to allow people to come directly to you. Your interesting or even funny content will start a connection and build from there as you share videos on a consistent basis.

TO DO: Stop selling. Instead, provide useful and interesting information that can help boost up the levels of trust in your brand on the online marketplace.



As social video marketing becomes more widespread and affordable, it is imperative that you take advantage of this trend to ensure that you attract more visitors, conversions, leads, sales, and profits your way. The most effective marketing strategy today includes videos.