Top 7 Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Generating traffic when you are first starting your blog isn’t as easy as you might think.

But the good news is, with the right approach, you should be able direct more traffic to your blog.

The only thing most people do not know is where they should start, and the strategies they should follow. Use these amazingly simple tips and watch as your online traffic grows from a trickle into a full-fledged flood:


#1 – Use Creative Blog Designs

People are pretty superficial. If they see something they do not like, they simply switch off and visit another website/blog. Therefore, you should start by ensuring that your blog looks and feels incredibly beautiful. 


This is pretty easy for bloggers who use WordPress. Today, WP and has thousands of ultra-modern themes and plugins that you should totally take advantage of. Although some of them cost money, there are plenty of free WordPress themes that you can download and install into your blog to make it look special. 


Although a great design isn’t an end by itself, it will help you attract and retain more people to your blog. Similarly, the better your blog looks and feels the more faster your blog traffic will grow. 




#2 – Focus on the Content

In the online world, content is king. Only by publishing the right content will you be able to target the right kind of audience. In fact, your audiences visit your website to learn something new, to get entertained or to read amazing literal pieces.

Therefore, you should take the time to write, edit and publish great content. 



#3 – Guest Blog

Guest blogging typically refers to contributing articles and content to blogs other than you own. Whereas this strategy has the power to direct more traffic to your website, it will only be successful if you send posts to blogs with an engaged audience.


Guest blogging also increases awareness about your blog. Your guest posts might even end up ranking on the first page of Google – you never know! Remember, posting on blogs with decent-sized audiences is likely to attract anywhere between 50 to over 500 visitors to your own blog. 



#4 – Harness the Power of Social Media

Social media is an ongoing craze. People interact, read news, and learn interesting new things on social media. Therefore, you should invest in creating a visible and clear image profile on social media. Then, use your social profiles to build an email list to which you will be sending out emails about your latest blog posts. With time, more people will start visiting your blog.


a) Facebook

Facebook allows you to create a profile, a group and a fan page. Each of these has their own advantages. However, for people looking to get more traffic to your blog, the Facebook group is the most effective and powerful of all three. Some blogs even get 10 times more traffic from posts they share in groups than when they post on their pages. 


b) Twitter

The Tweeting world is a bit more complex but very effective to get more traffic to your blog. You need to have a solid follower base and/or contacts with socially-influential people. Whenever you mention any influence in a tweet, a retweet or a sub-tweet, ensure that you tell them. Most influencers will love it when you say amazing stuff about them. In almost every case, they will share your content and drive more traffic to your blog.




#5 – Update Content 

If you have content where traffic has slowed or no traffic coming to it at all, consider updating it. Edit the posts for keywords, add more content or images and watch as your web traffic increases. (Note; never change the permalink)  Keep in mind that freshness is one of the ranking signals that Google’s new algorithm uses. This is why new, fresh content tends to rank higher. 



#6 – Pay Up  

These days, you can also pay to get people to check out your blog. Paid traffic works particularly well without being overbearingly expensive. For example, on Facebook you can ‘boost’ your blog post for $5 or $10.  However, the only time you should get paid traffic is if you have a product/service you are selling through your blog, otherwise it does not make much financial sense.



#7 – Build Mutually-Beneficial Relationships  

Connect and interact with other bloggers. Check out their posts, share them and comment whenever they publish interesting content. These days, collaboration works magic in the blogging world. Have a go at it and enjoy the extra traffic. 



Individually, each of the above tips will help you get you more traffic to your blog. However, if you use them in combination, you will notice that your traffic will grow over and above your expectations. With time, patience and hard work, your blog will soon be a popular go-to space in the online world.


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