Top YouTube And Video Marketing Tips for 2018

YouTube optimization and video marketing will be big in 2018 – and in the coming years. Although YouTube and video have been around for a while, most marketers tend to ignore it.

However, advances in the mobile sector means that more people are now interested in consuming video content. And this trend is growing rapidly each day.  So if you haven’t added video marketing to your overall SEO or marketing strategy, then it is highly likely that you are going to miss out on great opportunities.

What are the Benefits of YouTube and Video Marketing?

Using YouTube for video marketing could positively affect your SEO and results in the following ways:

1. Branded Search

Videos are one of the best tools you can use in your business branding and effective product marketing. When you create and promote videos, you can easily increase brand and product awareness and boost your branded search.

In particularly, YouTube is helpful – and is now considered the 2nd largest search engine after Google in the United States. Therefore, if you post more to this platform, on a consistent basis, you are likely to improve the visibility of your brand on search engines.

2. Faster Ranking on Google

Videos posted to YouTube tend to rank easier and faster on Google and other search engines – particularly for informational search.  Video content that focus on specific keywords, will greatly improve searchability.

3. More Referral Traffic

You can also use videos to earn referral traffic – particularly if you post them to your YouTube and  also in other video hosting and social media platforms along with adding to your websites and blogs. However, make YouTube a priority and you will be able to attract more people.

4. Diversified Content

Using videos will also diversify your content – a core SEO strategy that Google tends to reward. Creating different types of content on similar topics will ensure that Google ranks you high on that niche. If SEO isn’t your thing, always consider hiring or utilizing virtual services to attain higher rankings for your video marketing content.

5. Increase in Shares

Useful and high quality videos tend to be shared more often than most traditional text-based content. Therefore, if you want to earn more authority, links, and traffic, as well as start ranking better on Google, you should create these types of videos.



Best Video Types For YouTube in 2018

So, what are the best strategies to get noticed on YouTube? Consistent video content will be key. Consider the following video types to get the best results:


Start by creating videos for your blog. Otherwise referred to as v-blogging or video blogging, this strategy ‘social video marketing‘ will become even more mainstream this year.  The best way for potential visitors to your blog to know, like and trust you as a reputable business can be greatly attained through video.

E-Commerce Videos

Apart from boosting your SEO ranks, using videos on your landing pages is likely to help you convert more people to buying what you are selling. Product videos, in particular, are useful because they will ensure your target customers have a visual representation of what you wish to sell to them.

Live Streaming Videos

If you are in the B2B sector, small business owner or solopreneur then you certainly should use live streaming to improve your SEO, branding and marketability. Live streaming on YouTube, in particular, will boost your organic ranks because these videos tend to be more engaging – a metric that top search engines now reward.

Local Videos

On the other hand, local businesses should create local videos to rank higher on local search results. Take advantage of popular local places and events and include them in your videos.  When your potential customers are viewing your videos and they are exposed to familiar things in and around your area, they will be more willing to take action.

Resource Videos

You might also want to create how-to videos. This type of video content is quite useful and really powerful especially for potential customers who are in the initial stages of their journey into your brand. Keep your resource videos interesting but engaging to capture more attention.

Sales Pages Videos

Last but not least, you should consider adding videos to your homepage, services, and products pages. Use sales page videos to explain overviews of your products/services and how customers can benefit from them. Personal videos with a simple and short welcome or hello videos prove to be highly effective in retaining visitors attention.



YouTube SEO Checklist

YouTube is one of the best places to host your videos. However, there is more to it than simply posting videos to this social media platform. You still need to ensure that the videos are useful and of a high quality, as well as highly optimized.

The following tips and tricks will help you optimize your YouTube videos for SEO:

  • Add target keywords to the file names
  • Create high quality and engaging content that videos will watch to the end and eventually use
  • Embed the videos on different blogs and relevant websites, and share them on social media
  • Encourage people to share and like your videos and subscribe to the YouTube channel
  • Frequently add new videos to your channel
  • Group the videos under similar topic categories
  • Include target keywords in the videos’ titles
  • Naturally place relevant keyword in the video descriptions


Concluding Thoughts

As YouTube SEO and video marketing become more important, it is essential that you take advantage of this new trend. Advances in the mobile sector mean that people will now be consuming video content more.  Videos are proving to be the most effective way to promote and get results for any business.

At the end of the day, you should ensure that you create, optimize, and promote relevant and high quality videos to help you realize your SEO and video marketing goals.  Be creative and have fun with videos!

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